Lost In Lagos
We worked closely with the Lost In Lagos team to help them create the perfect platform for discovering Lagos. No better way to explore the city.
We've built an application for people to figure out how they spend their money. It works with Nigerian bank account statements.
Other Sites
We've created demos and websites for various companies. Some of them are listed below, with case studies coming soon
Loopy Music, Coker Creative, Instersate, Order To Lagos
About Us

We deal strictly with interesting companies and ideas, because we want to be part of the best things and build lasting relationships.

Being small and simple lets us get straight to the point, understanding exactly what you want and creating the best product you can imagine. No jargons

Other things we've done

Helloworld Learn

We are teaching everybody how to create software, check out the Learn website.


We created a minimal Website redesign for an iconic dental hospital

Order to Lagos

Design of order and delivery website of items to Lagos from online shops

Have some interesting project to discuss? We’re always willing to listen

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