On their mission to be the first digitally driven coworking space in Nigeria, Workstation enlisted us to build their web presence and digital network.
Eat Drink Bot
Find out where to eat in Lagos by chatting with this bot. Used hundreds of times daily, we helped Eat.Drink.Lagos answer the question everyone was asking.
Trends, charts, totals and searchable data. We built Cruncher to help people in Nigeria make sense of their bank statements.
A different way to experience Twitter, Timeline is a mobile trivia that lets you browse Twitter by guessing tweet authors.
Lost In Lagos
This is the platform for discovering Lagos. We helped the Lost In Lagos team showcase the best things to do in the city.
Alongside building software products, we also make interactive websites. Some of them (we're very proud of) are listed below for you.
Haralago, Devcenter Round Table, Interactive CT, and Clubgidi.
About Us

We are a small collective of designers and developers with a wealth of experience building digital products. We work with interesting companies on interesting ideas, and partner with people to bring ideas to life on the web.

Being small and simple lets us move quickly. We get straight to understanding exactly what you need, and then go to work to deliver a stunning experience.

Individually, we've also built products for ourselves, or contributed in a big way to other startups. They include



Bitkoin Africa is the easiest and most secure way to buy and sell Bitcoin in Africa.


Peerducate is a collaborative code writing tool for troubleshooting, tutoring or discussing code with others.

Fast Or Not

FastOrNot helps you compare ISP performance in your neighborhood with data aggregation and analysis.

Muslims Condemn

A collection of all the cases where Muslims have condemned wrongdoings done falsely in the name of Islam.

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